Over the last few years, the main volume of projects completed by our company concerns renovations of small, medium and large facilities, mainly in the region of Attica. More than 100 facilities (houses and shops) have been renovated and designed so that the new space now offers comfort, aesthetics and delight.

From renovation of old buildings to modernization of newer facilities is what our company offers for your spaces and buildings. Our goal is set based on your needs, in order to deliver a project that will serve 100% for the requested use. In addition, the energy orientation upgrade is another goal of the renovation team which will guide you properly, so that the quality of the space is the best possible.

Finally, the renovation team maintains regular communication with you throughout the project so that you have the full picture of the progress, while in case you want to implement a possible modification in a part of the project, our team to receive immediate knowledge and proceed in the necessary actions.

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