Since 2007, our company has completed the construction of:

  • Over 40 apartment buildings.
  • Over 30 maisonettes and detached houses.
  • Over 50 stores.
  • Over 30 sports facilities.

Upon completion of the projects, we deliver a written 10-year warranty for the entire installation. At CRM we give life to your dreams and ideas, offering guidance, innovative solutions and a variety of options, guided by our experienced team.

Important elements that keep us high in the preferences of individuals and professionals are the application of new technologies in methods and materials but also the continuous training of staff. The result of our above-mentioned strategic moves is the quality and elegance that characterizes our prepared works. Finally, the construction team maintains regular communication with you throughout the project so that you have a complete picture of the progress, while in case you want the implementation of a possible modification in a part of the project, our team will receive immediate knowledge and proceed with the necessary actions.

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