Full Maintenance Package


The full maintenance package is this service which includes the preventive and corrective maintenance of your equipment, without the additional financial cost that the corrective maintenance brings. Specifically, this service guarantees the optimal operation of your equipment, through the regular visits of our technicians who will carry out all the necessary maintenance work and possible emergency repair of damage to your equipment without the need of an extra financial offer. The engineer who will undertake your work and who is available 24 hours a day, creates a regular maintenance program of your E / M equipment according to its use, condition and age. Upon completion of the work, we send you via e-mail and in hard copy the maintenance report with the analysis of the work performed and the components that were replaced.

Regarding the financial part of this service, we pre-agree on a monthly cost for the provision of services for the requested equipment and after signing the relevant contract, the cooperation between us begins. The services and procedures of this package are essentially a combination of the AD Hoc package and the PPM package with the difference that there is no extra charge for additionall visits. In addition, in case you would like to report a breakdown or an emergency, you can send a relevant mail to support@crmservices.gr.

Furthermore, as an additional service, we can offer the daily (8 hours) presence of a Facility Coordinator at your building, who will implement the regular maintenance program and the relevant autopsies.

Note: Financial offers will be prepared only in the following cases:

  • Existing equipment needs to be replaced.
  • The existing system needs modification in order to improve its operation.
  • The equipment is old and no spare parts are available. In this case, we suggest replacing the equipment.

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