Since 2007, our company has completed the construction of:

  • Over 40 apartment buildings.
  • Over 30 maisonettes and detached houses.
  • Over 50 stores.
  • Over 30 sports facilities.

Upon completion of the projects, we deliver a written 10-year warranty for the entire installation. At CRM we give life to your dreams and ideas, offering guidance, innovative solutions and a variety of options, guided by our experienced team.


Over the last few years, the main volume of projects completed by our company concerns renovations of small, medium and large facilities, mainly in the region of Attica. More than 100 facilities (houses and shops) have been renovated and designed so that the new space now offers comfort, aesthetics and delight.


The maintenance department of our company was established in 2019 and already has five maintenance contracts for distribution centers in the region of Attica while we are ready for immediate response to any technical damage in over 70 apartment buildings, detached houses, maisonettes and stores in the region of Attica, Mykonos, Lemnos and other areas.


In addition to full projects, our company undertakes the completion of independent and individual works such as: Repair and restoration of floors, installation of plasterboard / cementboard / false ceiling, installation of thermal facade…

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